Diagnostic Rapid Test Kits

Bio-Accu Diagnostic Rapid Test kits are all in stock!

FDA approved

Made in USA

Fertility Tests
hCG: One step home Pregnancy test kit (Device / Strip/ Stick ) Urine/Serum
OVU: One step home Ovulation Predictor (Device / Strip/ Stick ) Urine/Serum
Infectious Disease
Chlamydia Direct Chlamydia Antigen test  Serum/Plasma
Strep A Direct Strep A Antigen test Serum/Plasma
Rubella Rapid Rubella Antibody test Serum/Plasma
Mono Rapid IM Heterophile Antibody test Serum/Plasma
Lyme Rapid Lyme Antibody (IgG) test Serum/Plasma
H. Pylori: Rapid H Pylori Antibody test Serum/Plasma
HIV Rapid HIV-1 and HIV-2 Antibody test Plasma
HBsAg Rapid Hepatitis B Surface Antigen test Serum/Plasma
Chagas Rapid Chagas Antibody test Serum/Plasma
Salmonella Rapid Salmonella Antigen test Serum/Plasma
Tumor Markers
PSA Rapid Prostate Specific Antigen test Urine
AFP Rapid Alpha Fetoprotein test Urine
CEA Rapid Carcinoembryonic Antigen test Urine
Hemo Rapid Hemoglobin/Occult Blood test Urine
Drug Test Kits
COC       One step Cocaine test  Urine
MOP      One step Opiates/Morphine test Urine
THC       One step THC test Urine
MET      One step Methamphetaminers test Urine
AMP      One step Amphetamines test Urine
BAR       One step Barbiturates test Urine
BZO       One step Benzodiazepines test Urine
MTD      One step Methadone test Urine
DOA    One step 2/4/6 drug panel test Urine


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