The Denti-5 Co2 laser system emits an invisible infrared laser with a maximum power of 30 watts @ 10.63 um and consists of


1.) Infrared light laser oscillation in tubes.
2.) Power supplies with non contacted mode hand pieces.
3.) LCD Touch Screen Display with key switch and emergency buton

 Benefits of Denti 5 Co2 laser use in Dentistry
      Benefits for operator                        Benefits for patients

   * Ability to seal the blood vessels      * Less Pain during & After the Procedure
   * Seal Lymphatic vessels                    * Less need for Anesthesia & Sutures
   * Seal Nerve fibers                              * Less Fear due to reduced Noise & Vibration
   * Reduce mechanical trauma              * Reduced Down time                         
   * The choice for oral surgery              * Shorten Procedure time
   * Precision                                            * Minimal Scarring
   * Ultra fast soft tissue cutting             * Fast Healing time





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