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Bio-Med US Dental X-Ray series

Jupiter Plus CDX

Jupiter Plus CDX is one of the most advanced software version in the market. With the ability to connect with desktops and notebooks, this system was developed to replace the conventional radiography which used film. It greatly reduced working time based on DICOM, and offers all the other advantage of information technology including Imaging Processing, Storage, Archiving and Networking by utilizing an electronic CCD sensor. Also able to set up easily using USB interface, and can display 10 images continuously as Panorama.

Some of the Jupiter Plus CDX features include:

   CDX Analysis data.

    Enable to take picture with 1/10 quantity compared to film

            Time radiating  X-ray for developing a film   0.2-0.4sec

            Time radiating X-ray for CCD sensor         0.02-0.16sec

            Supporting for analog type X-ray instrument.

    1. Multiple pictures can be put in the same page using the select window for comparing.  No other brand has this function to compare a set amount of images before and after surgery. ( Patent Pending). (details)

    2. The histogram function works by a high resolution of full VGA grade. Histogram data can be shown by using brightness, and after surgery, the malfunction or bone density can be predicted, and able to measure diagonally. (details)

    3. Easy to use image processing feature allows user to edit picture and measure length of teeth, root. (details)

    4. Printing all of the images like Film on the A4 size paper ( Patent Pending) ( details)

    5. Easy to sort and find patients according to the name, chart number and date of recent medical treatment. (details)

    6. The image can be edited in other documents, and formats such as RAW, JPEG, BMP. (details)

    7. Able to share database simple using LAN( Local Area Network) made of HUB. (details)

    8. Able to send image and diagnosis written by the note function by E mail. (details)

    9. Excellent high powered Beam & Clear, as a pointer showing precise and clear image. (details)

    10. Up to 10 images can be taken only by clicking the X-ray button without further computer processing. (details)

    11. Memo feature allows users to create points of interest on image (details)

We work hard to be the best Dental X-ray manufacturer updating our software to keep up with the fastpaced technology. In addition to continued mission to support our customers, we will always upgrade our Jupiter software and offer the upgrades FREE of charge to all our exisiting customers.















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