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Apr 14-16, 2013
Members of Bio-Med USA will be attending the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa.
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Jul 31- Aug 4, 2013
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Insulin Syringe


Bio-Med soft Uni-body Insulin Syringe are attached needle permamently in syringe barrel, and consist 3 parts plunger rod and Synthetic Rubber Gasket to reduce dead space.( able to save insulin), and Orange colored end caps over the needle to preserve the sterility and to protect needle. Bio-Med soft Insuline Syringe are available 1.00cc, 0.5cc 0.3cc with 30Gx 5/16", 30Gx1/2"29Gx1/2" needle size.
E/O Gas Sterilized Syringe are packed individual blister, and 100pcs in a printed inner box



      Bio-Med USA 1 CC Box                                                             Bio-Med USA .5 CC Box


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